We’re a bit different.

We know a lot of film companies say that, but when you meet us you’ll understand.

Yes,we take films from the conceptualization phase through to the final graded edit. We ensure each film tells a cinematic story. A story that represents the essence of the brand and product while staying focused on the emotional journey of the target audience. 

We take care of the creative and technical side of the production, involving the client in all phases and delivering a cinematic final product.

But, here’s how we do it differently:

Some of our best friends are brands

We know that to truly understand something, you have to love it. And we love getting to know and befriending brands. We braai with brands. We bond on bean bags with brands. Heck, we bar hop with brands. First round’s on us, you get the next.

Always the A-team

Every project is different and needs a specific set of skills to make it just perfect. That’s why we handpick a custom group of experts for each and every commercial we create. In the words of The A-team’s Hannibal Smith: “We love it when a team comes together!”

Balancing the books and the hooks

What do you get when you cross a film degree with a financial accounting degree?
Ikopia Productions. That’s us. Unlike with other film companies, you don’t have to choose between creative prowess and business savvy. We got both and we know how to use them.

1-Minute Masterpieces

People respond to feelings and emotions. But we know (being people ourselves), that they don’t always have time to stop and smell the donuts. Which is why we specialise in creating awe inspiring, gut wrenching, what-the-flip-just-happened, cinematic masterpieces in the form of easy to digest, 1 minute morsels. 

Crispy or Bust

We learn a lot from donuts (in those 5 seconds before we make ’em disappear!)
Donuts aren’t just about the recipe and the ingredients. They aren’t only about what you put in. They’re also about what you take out. Cutting the right parts: That’s what makes the crispiest donuts. And the crispiest commercials.